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    To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.








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    President Jess Koy


    Howdy Lions,


    Well the first quarter of the Lions year has come and gone and it has absolutely flown by. I have enjoyed every minute of it and wanted to thank the members and our Board of Directors for their help and support in making the transition seamless and fun. This quarter was a busy one even though we haven’t got in to the meat of the Lions functions coming in the spring. We started the year doing two things that the Lions love to do- Support local charities and play golf! Our Lions team even brought home some hardware from the Booster Club tourney so it was a win-win for everyone. The Lions also put two teams in to the Bellville FFA skeet shoot but did not come out with any trophies. Since our five year Lions Camp commitment of $10,00 a year came to a successful close, the board was tasked with deciding how to continue supporting them outside of the portion of members’ dues that go to the camp. After much discussion we decided that we will ask for a $10 contribution each year from each member and another $10 contribution from each member will go towards the Lions Eye Bank.


    The Kidsight USA program is in full swing and has set and reached many goals. We have tested hundreds of local children since purchasing the machine in January. The committee has been in to daycares, schools, community health fairs, set up the first annual Community Wide Vision Screening, and is planning on having a booth at the Austin County Fair coming up next week. Lions Wiley Barton & Dale May have been instrumental in starting the program and keeping it going. The committee behind them remains very active during the screenings and we are always welcoming to anyone who may want to join up with the program! (THANK YOU Wiley & Dale!)


    The board also voted to increase our Opportunity For Youths scholarships in hopes to garner more interest from the kids. We are looking in to stepping up to the challenge set by LCI to do a project to commemorate Centennial of Lions Club. We are pursuing an opportunity to refurbish the outdoor learning center at the Bellville Junior High and it appears we will be able to get started on that shortly. It sure seems like our children are at the forefront of our mission and we hope to keep it that way. Our Football Lotto is closing down as we speak and it appears to be a huge success. The last update I got was that 285 out of 300 books were sold and more were trickling in. Thank you to Lion Keith Linseisen for all of the work he does setting it up and keeping the books organized. Reese Turner had a great committee to help him captain the sales in Jess Koy and Paul Martinez, thanks fellas!


    Our District Governor Michael Smalley has already visited our club for the September 15th Noon Meeting and as most DG’s do, praised us on how well we are doing. He had some other officers with him and Dwayne Virnau of the Sealy Lions Club even came out and visited our club to show his support. Lion Bruce White has lined up some fantastic programs for us and he has a lot more good ideas to get booked for our future meetings. He is putting in a lot of work trying to track down interesting programs so give him an “atta boy” next time you see him.


    We have welcomed a few new members and our club is thriving and going in the right direction. As I finish writing this letter up I realized how much I had to leave off just for the sake of time and it really amazes me how much our club really does. We are lucky group and it is because the strength of our membership and Board of Directors allows us to do some good. I hope you like the monthly “Update From the Board” letters I am trying to send out and we will be sending a Readers Digest version of our financials to the membership toward the middle of October. We want everyone to stay in the loop and I am always willing to be available to answer or address ANY questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Please keep doing what you are doing; it is making a difference in so many lives. Thanks again for entrusting me and I look forward to a great 2nd quarter!



    We Serve,


    Garrett Dornon


    Bellville Lions Club President








    2016-2017 Officers


    Garrett Dornon - Club President


    Reese Turner - 1st VP/ Fundraising Chair


    Bruce White - 2nd VP/ Program Chair


    Kenneth Stein- 3rd VP/Peace Poster Chair


    Newton Boriack - Secretary/ Treasurer


    Kyle Freitag - 1 Year Director


    Keith Linseisen- 1 Year Director


    Tony Causey - 2 Year Director


    Ryan Huff - 2 Year Director


    Ken Peters- Lion Tamer


    Art Rodiek - Tail Twister


    Robert Herridge - Past President/ Membership Chair


    Steve Lackey - Lions Camp Director


    Wiley Barton- KidSight USA Chair






    May 4th- Noon Meeting

    Brad Boyer- Lone Star Prestress


    May 18th- Noon Meeting

    Toni Burns- Lone Star Eye Bank







    2017 Fruehling Saengerfest- Last year the weather, primarily the torrential rain and flooding, got in our way and we had to cancel Saengerfest. We are in the thick of planning for it this year and plan to make it twice as fun! Mark you calendars for Sunday, April 23rd and come out to Concordia Hall to enjoy the celebration of our German Heritage. The flyer above gives a detailed run down of the days happenings, we look forward to seeing everyone there!


    2017 DEN Night- Our annual DEN Night fundraiser has come and gone and as usual, we are always humbled by the fantastic support we get from the community! It was a huge success and we thank everyone who played a part in it. A special thanks to our DEN Night Chairman, 1st Vice President Lion Reese Turner and his DEN committee of Newton Boriack, Tony Causey, Garrett Dornon, and John Grube!


    Golf Course Signage- We are so excited to announce that the "Welcome to Bellville" sign is 99% complete! All that is left is to add the "BB" brand on the Brahmas backside and it is finished! Thank you to everyone who had a hand in the project- Many thanks to Mary Beth (Marek)Kirk for painting the Brahma Bull and Bluebonnets, to Jerry Olson for the design work, and to EGA Fabrication (Clint Bolinger of Sealy for the manufacturing and installation of the sign). Also, thank you to the very patient Bellville Lions Club Board of Directors and the Bellville Golf Course Board of Directors. The last two years have effort on this project was more than worth it! Last but most definitely not least,The Bellville Economic Development Corporation was a large financial contributor ($5,000!!!) and helped us turn this two year project a reality! Take a stroll on Hwy 36 to or from Brenham and check out the 5th Tee Box at the Golf Course, this will be a welcoming feature to citizens and visitors for many years to come!


    Youth Vision Screen- The Bellville Lions Club has received our Plusoptix Vision Screening equipment! Daniel Berry from the Plusoptix company and Lion Mike Wilson our district 2-S5 Kidsight USA chair came to train and certify the following Lions to operate the equipment: Lions Wiley Barton, Tony Stewart, Doug Lottridge, Paul Martinez, Ken Peters, Dale May, Garrett Dornon, Kyle Freitag, Reese Turner, Newton Boriack, and Jess Koy.


    The First Annual Community KidSight Vision Screening is set for September 21st and September 24th! See the "Upcoming Events" section of our website for more details! This event is FREE for the children of our great community and we hope to have a great turnout!


    Facebook- The Bellville Lions Club now has a Facebook page! Please log in to your Facebook account and search "Bellville Lions Club". Or follow the link below in our "Links" section and set up a Facebook account.














    KidSight USA


    The Bellville Lions Club has received our Plusoptix Vision Screening equipment! Daniel Berry from the Plusoptix company and Lion Mike Wilson our district 2-S5 Lions Kidsight USA chair came to train and certify the following Lions to operate the equipment: Lions Wiley Barton, Tony Stewart, Doug Lottridge, Paul Martinez, Ken Peters, Dale May, Garret Dornon, Kyle Freitag, Reese Turner, Newton Boriack, and Jess Koy.


    Lions KidSight USA is a nationwide program to safeguard the vision of children aged 6 months through 6 years. According to educational experts, 80% of learning is visual. So if a child can’t see well, he can’t learn well. Yet most young children don’t get their vision screened until they have problems learning or paying attention in school. By then, it may already be too late. Unless vision problems are detected early and corrected, they risk becoming permanent by age 7.


    Lions in the USA already screen over a million kids per year through state-wide and local programs often known as “KidSight.” Lions KidSight USA is a national coalition that brings together Lions programs that screen preschool and school age kids, concentrating on children from 6 months to 6 years of age in order create a coordinated national program.


    Our mission is to ensure eye screening and follow-up care is given to all kids because every child deserves to learn and see the world clearly. To do this, we will work with Lions to increase the number of screening programs around the country in order to reach more children when it is possible and where it is needed.






    Below is the authorization form needed before your child's vision can be screened. Our server does not allow a "print" selection, but you can get it printed in one of the following ways: 1) Right click, Open image in new tab, then print that page OR 2) Save the image to your computer, then print it. We will accept any format you have printed it in, as long as it is completely filled out and signed!

  •         YOUTH

    Red Ribbon Campaign

    • Youth Vision Screening
    • The Red Ribbon Campaign
    • Opportunities for Youth
    • Peace Poster Contest


    YVS- Using our recently purchased Plusoptix Vision Screening machine (see photo above), we will be formulating a community service program to screen our area youth for vision problems. We will be screening children from the ages of 8 months to 6 years old at no cost to the parents. If a problem is detected, the machine will recognize it and print the necessary information on a slip to take to an Optometrist for evaluation.


    RRC- Each year, the Bellville Lions Club purchases 1550 Red Ribbons that are distributed to the students at O'Bryant Primary School, O'Bryant Immediate School and Bellville Junior High School. The Red Ribbon Campaign is designed to encourage healthy, drug-free and violence-free lifestyles among our youth.


    OFY- Each year students compete in a local, district, and state wide competition in one or more of the following categories: 1) Diabetes Awareness Speech 2) Drug Awareness Speech 3) Outstanding Youth Award. The contests are open to all high school Juniors and Seniors and scholarship money is awarded as they advance through each level of the competition.


    PPC- The Peace Poster Contest was created to give young people the opportunity to creatively express their feelings for world peace and to share their visions with the world. The Bellville Lions Club hosts an annual contest for the local youth and the winner can advance all the way to the International contest, earning prize money along the way!

  •       MEMBERSHIP


    The Bellville Lions Club is always on the lookout for potential members looking to get involved. If you are interested in giving back to our great community and would like to speak with someone about joining the club, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you already know a current member, feel free to ask them their thoughts on this great organization and if you could join us at one of our noon meetings!




  •         HALL RENTAL

    In 1996 the Bellville Lions Club purchased Concordia Hall and completed the restoration work in 1999. Today, it is home to meetings and other events of the Bellville Lions Club as well as a variety of other gatherings. The Bellville Lions Club offers Concordia Hall to the public to rent for all types of gatherings. The cost is $400 for four hours, and $30 per hour after that. Please contact Newton Boriack at 979-885-8601 to book the hall or for any questions. 

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    BY MAIL: Bellville Lions Club, P.O. Box 1011, Bellville, Texas, 77418


    BY PHONE: Newton Boriack- Secretary- 979-885-8601


     BY E-MAIL: bellvillelionsclub@sbcglobal.net